Did you know the price of oxygen at the distributors? If you don’t know, it costs actually around 25.000 rupiahs/kg. Did you know maybe the price of nitrogen at the distributors? If you don’t know again, it costs around 9.950 rupiahs/kg.

Did you know, a human being inhales 2880 kg of oxygen and 11.376 kg of nitrogen. If you convert it into rupiahs, it is the equivalent of 170 million rupiahs per day for each of us. If we calculate for a month, then multiply 170 million rupiahs with 30 days then you will have approximately 5.1 billion rupiahs per person (382.785 USD). You can go on with yearly needs, but you don’t have to.

Even the wealthiest person on earth could not be able to pay off the cost of breathing during his lifetime. And yet, we have it for free, every second, every minute, and every hour until our dying day. So, shall we not be grateful?

And yet, we keep forgetting that plants create this breathing atmosphere for us, and what we did? We kept butchering them like we owned them. Why don’t we back to our common senses and keep in mind to preserve our environment for the future.

We can be better ! – C. Linnaeus

Source of image:

Riza-Arief Putranto, 22 June 2015.


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