Self-Motivation Is Really A Powerful-Booster for Self-Improvement


Repost article from Linkedin, September 12th 2015.

Someone had once said to me that self-motivation is one thing that I need to reach the goals that I often dreamed of. I first did not believe it. From the period I was in junior high school to high school, I often got myself on the bottom rank in the class. A very common thing I learned at that time that I take it for granted. Until one day I met an old man who was herding goats on the river bank in Yogyakarta, Special District in Java Island. The grandfather turned out to be my junior high school teacher who had died a few years ago.

The grandfather asked me why I was moody at the sunny day. I replied that I was sad because I was not having any achievement in life. The grandfather laughed. He said that I was still very young and I have a thing that anyone had, something that can encourage anyone to be someone successful. I asked about what it was. The grandfather replied loudly, “Self-motivation”. He established his words by saying “Your life will be fine, if you harbored self-motivation in your heart. Even though someday, you’re cornered again in trouble, self-motivation will carry you out. You fall and then rise again. Self-motivation is the driving force for the revival”.

That’s the time when I started looking for self-motivation within. I listened to him and said to myself, “What I got to lose anyway if I do this”. I changed my way of learning at the time, and even work harder than other students. It turns out to successfully transform me into a different person. I fruitfully ranked first in the class at the end of high school. I continued the same method of studying until the end of the undergraduate college in Indonesia. As a result, I scored high GPA and successfully obtained several awards at that time. All of this was achieved thanks to my self-motivation with the aim of “willingness to be a useful person”.

Until now, I still use this self-motivation to push me into a better person. I managed to get through the difficult times during my study abroad. Self-motivation can be used in an even wider aspect in daily life and in a variety of problems in your life. In practice, self-motivation sometimes dims. Others such as friends, colleagues or even the people closest to us who sometimes serve as a reminder that we need to generate a self-motivation again. We inadvertently will be bombarded with advices and supports from them. All we have to do is to listen and digest.

Finally, example I experienced only a fraction of the usefulness of self-motivation. At least when I experienced a bad situation, I always remember the time when I met an old man on the river bank.

“The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.” ― Stephen Richards

Riza-Arief Putranto, 31 Desember 2015.


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